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The Project

The Origins

How did the Mamaliev Club come about?

We know that Mama and its product Mamaliev are indispensable in creating natural, high-quality products. With this project, the aim was to involve the various operators to spread the culture of natural leavening, demonstrating all its advantages, when the process is managed by the fermenter created by Domino.

3 Objectives

Why establish a Mamaliev Club?

3 Interlocutors

Who is involved in the project?

Dealers, artisans and technologists. Teamwork is essential for the success of any project. Like so many cogs in a well-oiled machine, each participant in the Mamaliev project makes it possible to exchange information, techniques and knowledge.

∞ Possibilities

Towards infinity

The project revolves around Mamaliev and the unique characteristics of this product. In addition to creating the fermenter, Domino has a team of technologists and a marketing expertwho together support the artisan with suggestions, solutions and tricks of the trade to improve the quality of their products and the workshop in which their creations are produced.

The Mamaliev Club


Fundamental for the success of the project

Thanks to its sales network, Domino seeks to bring goodness to every production. For the promotion of Mama and Mamaliev, the dealer is the essential link between the company and artisans. Knowing their clients and their needs, they can provide top advice when it comes to choosing the right Mama model.

Continuous training and information

The dealer’s advice and suggestions are enriched and made more effective thanks to the support of Domino’s technicians and technologists, who are ready to offer continuous support in problem-solving.

Ongoing input and updates from the Domino Team

Innovation continues for Domino. Through direct contact, demos in the Art-Lab, the website and social media, the company regularly informs dealers regarding the latest news about the project.

The dealer is the bridge connecting the “company” island to the “artisan” island.

The Mamaliev Club

For the Artisan

Practical and economic management advantages

"Why do something manually when it can be done by machine?" Thanks to Mama, the artisan will have more time to dedicate to their creativity and the risk of error will be eradicated. The economic aspect is just as important as the practical and qualitative ones. Using Mama in your own production allows you to reduce the use of compressed yeast and expensive chemical additives, whilst economically enhancing your product.

Added value to their products and activities

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Truer words have never been spoken. Mamaliev enhances the initiatives of artisans who are aware that their customers are increasingly seeking healthy and wholesome products.

Specialising in quality products thanks to MamaLiev

Starter yeast gives products organoleptic and health characteristics that other leavening agents do not. Mamaliev enables these properties to be rendered constant. Indeed, the addition of starter yeast to any product in the right proportions is an immediate mark of quality.

Professional artisans delight the palates of an increasingly attentive and exacting clientèle.

What Domino® offers

we have thought of everything…

The Mamaliev Club

Marketing Package

Form is everything. It is the secret of life.
(Oscar Wilde)

Good communication is key for any company or small business but it is not always easy to achieve. There are always other priorities, other tasks … Hence why the Mamaliev project was developed – to make business management easier, from the most practical to the economic aspects. Indeed, Domino has thought of everything – even the sales aspects!

Basic Package

Included with Mama, Domino provides: a counter display with information for customers about the products containing Mamaliev and a little Mamaliev Club membership window decal.

Manual and information

A Mamaliev brand User Manual provided with instructions for proper use. In addition to the basic rules, examples of other applications are presented in the manual, which can be ordered and customised by directly contacting the Art Director, whose contact details are included in the document.

For everything else ...

For any other communication needs, you can be contacted and assisted directly by Domino’s Art Director for any activities regarding the logo, brochures, flyers, website or personal projects;

Examples of communication...

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