Water and flour, flour and water– two simple components that, when mixed together, give rise to the oldest and most natural form of leavening agent: starter. Domino® has added another ingredient – technology – to create Mama,the fermenter that generates and stores starter yeast in liquid form. Mamaliev is the product of this machine. Always ready to be added to the dough, it becomes the soul of the leavened product, conferring fragrance, aroma, flavour and healthiness.

that is recounted in each dough

An extensive history

that is recounted in each dough

Domino® came about in 2002 as the result of experience gained in a context with an extensive tradition in building machinery for bakeries and pastry workshops. The company made a name for itself, first by establishing its position on the Italian market and then throughout Europe. Preserving the care and quality typical of local craftsmanship, Domino® is a reliable and dynamic reality, able to offer quality machines to
professionals all over the world.

Meet Mama

The liquid starter yeast generator from Domino®

Mama is a technological machine capable of generating and storing liquid starter yeast, equipped with control programmes for times and temperatures. This innovative machine makes it easier to work the starter yeat to obtain a product that is always uniform, fragrant and easily digestible …

These are just some of the advantages of Mama. Let’s look at some of the others.

A word from an artisan

There is only one Mama

We are collecting testimonials from those who use Mamaliev – Mama’s liquid starter yeast – on a daily basis, since it is important to have real and realistic feedback on how Mama has changed the way many professionals work.

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